Kindness and Compassion

It is as simple as a free hug!

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Mātā Amritānandamayī Devī. Source: Gaia.

If you have followed me quite a while here, you would have probably known by now that I am a sucker for hugs.

One of my favourite ways to sign off my responses to others in this platform is sending you a hug from across the ocean and when I write that, I truly visualize myself hugging whoever the message I write to.

It has been one of the most difficult struggles I have had since the pandemic began and physical distancing was implemented.

The inability to give others a hug.

My husband has been the target of all the hugs I have had to hold back. …

True Story — Inspiration

An inspiring story of a man who studied to find an answer for himself and ended up creating his own life-saving surgery.

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Doug Lindsay. Source: Riverfront Times.

What would you do, if you’re suddenly ill with a disease no doctors can treat? A disease doctors tell you doesn’t exist? A disease that seems incurable and has plagued your family for generations?

Do you simply accept your fate? Or would you step up to a challenge, take control of your situation and refuse to submit to fate experts and professionals condemn you to?

Doug Lindsay chose the latter.

How it started

Doug Lindsay was 21 when his inspiring journey began.

It was the first day of his final year at Rockhurst University in Missouri. …


Do not mistake others’ limitations as your own.

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I’m as impressed as the guy at the back. Photo by Brett Harrison on Unsplash

“Are you sure you want to run from home to my office? You’ve been out of the game for a bit now. Maybe start with distance a bit shorter,” my husband replied when I told him my plan of running from our house to his office, a total of 12.5 km.

It was not just my husband.

Professional marathon runners would suggest the same.

Go short then slowly build up to the longer distance.

That’s the correct way of preparing yourself for a marathon run.

I’ve been training for a while now though. My first run was on the 25th of August — 3.4 …

Writing Challenge on Medium

Good question. Here’s my answer.

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How I feel sometimes, waiting for big publications to accept my submissions. Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

I had pondered that question many times. I have also came across the answer to that question a few times from other writers.

“I want to publish everyday but how can I do that if I’m a new writer and it takes ages for big publications to publish my piece?”

I hear you, brothers and sisters.

I’ll be answering Shruthi Sundaram’s question today:

“Even if I do submit articles to publications, they would take time to publish your articles right? Especially if they are big pubs. And also if you are a first time writer there.

So how do I publish frequently when I also want to publish in big pubs? Going forward I also wanted to maintain a balance between big pubs and pubs that resonate with me.” …


How do you make people read your stuff?

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Photo by Marcos Gabarda on Unsplash


How do you increase readership on Medium platform? Reciprocity does not always work because some people just don’t give back even if you read several of their works.

To increase one’s earning, readers must be on Medium paywall. Based on a little analysis, you need to have a regular 100 members reading your stuff to be able to earn at least $100 on a regular basis. This is a daunting task. I’ll be happy if you can shed a light on this. — Anonymous

Great question.


I have been asked this question by a few people now.

How do you gain readership? …

Social Media

A shift towards more intentional, more mindful platforms.

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Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

“Close your eyes and think of your happy place, your happy moments. Moments when you are in your element and you feel a sense of fulfilment. Think of the times when you do something that makes your heart sings,” said Bruce Noll in one of our Zoom meetings. (I paraphrase a little cause I forget the exact words but that’s the gist of it).

I did.

I closed my eyes and recalled all my past memories. Moments when I simply could not help but smile (I couldn’t even not smile), moments when my heart leapt and felt as light as air, moments when I felt like I was just about to burst with joy. …

Kindness and Compassion

a Change Your Mind Change Your Life Prompt

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Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

28 years I have lived.

In those 28 years, I have witnessed many acts of kindness, inspired by many kind souls I have been fortunate to come across.

My parents have been my driving force in kindness and compassion, leading by examples instead of verbally telling us what to do.

But this post is not about my parents.

It’s about one inspiring lady.

A lady who had helped me transformed into a better human, further moulded the shape of my soul, one my parents had carefully crafted since the day I was born.

It’s a story of a woman whose acts of kindness taught me what it means to be a good boss and changed me for the better. …

Parody — Humour

a Little Fun Collaboration with a fellow creative — Joe Váradi.

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

So I was at the end of my October Writing Challenge when my mind started to spew some ideas.

One of them was asking the talented lyrics writer Joe Váradi to write a parody song for me to sing.

He generously agreed and…

Needless to say, it had been a fun collaboration.

I hope you like it and I hope you had as much giggle as I had singing the song.

Here’s Joe’s original post for the song lyrics:

Thank you for the great lyrics, Joe Váradi!

What song should I sing next?

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Nature and Self

a Soul Experience.

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I am but a bud. Photo by Agnes Louis.

It seems like it was just yesterday I bid October goodbye.

We’re now more than halfway through November.

I blinked and another Monday rolls around.

Mondays are always a tad more stressful than all the other days.

You’ve just had full 2 days of doing whatever you wanted. Relaxing, lounging, lazying around, and suddenly you have to jump back in and hit the resume button, picking up from where you left off.

Yes, not all of us can afford that luxury, especially amidst this pandemic.

Most of us still have our reset days though.

We make do with what we have, with what we’ve been given. …


Agnes Louis

Writer by heart. Teacher (English, Yoga, Pilates) by trade. Avid reader. World traveller. Model. You can reach me at

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