Absolutely agree and I can see where you’re coming from. We need to be cautious too proceeding with this. Because there are people out there who fight tooth and nail for equality and justice. These people who fought like hell sometimes get generalized too despite their mad effort to do the right thing. I still feel like it’s not right to lump these people with those who don’t even bother to open their mouth.

There’s also a danger in generalizing and why I avoid doing it. It demotivates those who have been doing so well. Some people might think, “What’s the point in being good when in the end, I’ll just be lumped in with the bad because of a shared similarity?”

Sorry for my rant. This issue is very close to my heart. But I agree to what you’re saying. We need to work harder to remove the things that cause generalization in the first place ☺️ Thank you for the food for thought 😊

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