Famous Dishes in My Country Considered Disgusting in Other Countries

The #1 item is famous worldwide. Have you tried it?

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To those of you who don’t know where I’m from, I’m from Indonesia.

I’m sure you’ve heard of our famous paradise island, Bali, and our various famous delicacies.

I’m Indonesian by nationality, Chinese by race. So you can only imagine the kind of food I grew up eating.

My husband still finds it weird that people eat rice or noodles for breakfast where I come from (I can no longer stomach it because it’s just too much but I used to eat just like that).

The most delicious foods in Asia are usually street food.

Asia is just the place for those of you who are rather adventurous in eating and looking to try something new and bizarre, (I’m sure you’ve heard of fried crickets and scorpions. They even fry spiders in Bangkok now).

I will share with you my country’s top 3 delicacies that are considered quite disgusting in other countries.

Nothing too weird and they’re actually my favourites.

I hope you still want to be my friends after you finish reading this.

#1 — Durian

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The funniest thing I’ve ever heard from my foreigner friends about this smelly fruit is ‘it smells like wet socks’.

I eat it all the time and still can’t figure out how it smells like wet socks.

One of the biggest shocks I’ve ever had in my life was watching a couple walked away from a few thousand dollars because they just can’t eat durian in one of the Fear Factor’s episodes.


I remember my young self shouting at the TV like, “Gimme the money! I’ll eat the whole durian and some!” Getting paid to eat durian? That’s like the best deal ever!

I don’t eat much of this fruit these days because:

A couple of fun facts about durian:

  • There are actually 2 options for durian. The sweet and the ‘bitter’ (not actually bitter but it’s not very sweet). I like both.
  • The most expensive durian ever sold is the 48,000 USD Kanyao Durian.

Yes, someone actually spent 48,000 USD on one durian.

It was a charity auction but still.

We just love it that much.

#2 — Chicken Feet


That exquisite little plate of dish is the dim sum chicken feet.

My whole family loves it.

I have a good memory of my first plate of chicken feet.

Like many of you, I used to think it’s disgusting. I mean, what’s there to eat? (There’s actually plenty to eat even though it looks like there’s barely anything).

Then my mother took me to a nice chicken restaurant and ordered a big bowl of chicken feet. “Try it. You’ll like it,” she said.

I ate my first chicken foot and ended up finishing half the bowl.

My mother was pleased (happy to confirm that I am, after all, one of the chicken feet clan) and it has become one of my all-time favourite dishes ever since.

Try it the next time you go to an authentic Chinese dim sum restaurant. You might actually like it.

#3 — Chicken Intestine


Sometimes, I find it best not to tell my foreign friends what they’re eating until after they eat it (of course I ask them first what they can’t eat and what they’re allergic to).

Friend: “What is this?”
Me: “… Meat. Chicken.”

Technically, it’s true.

It is chicken. I just don’t specify which part of the chicken.

I love satays.

I treated 2 of my best friends and one of my cousins to satays after school one time when I was in high school. Among the 4 of us, we devoured 150 sticks of satays. (My cousin joined late and only ate about 20 of the sticks. The rest was eaten by me and my friends).

Of all the satays, my favourite is the chicken intestine.

I don’t really like innards of any kind (there are many) but the chicken intestine is an exception. For some unfathomable reasons, I just love it.

I know. It sounds disgusting but I’m telling you.

You’re missing out if you never try it at least once in your life.

Final words

This post has been the answer to one of the questions I’ve read in Quora:

What is a famous dish in your country that is considered to be disgusting in other countries?

I put a little spin on it and shared 3 instead of 1 dish and I chose the dishes I actually like.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and I hope you still want to be my friend despite my weird taste in food (we are still friends, right?).

So, what famous delicacy in your country the rest of the world think is disgusting?

This post is a part of my October writing challenge:

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