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  • Memati Baş

    Memati Baş

    Trader, Coder, Learner, Writer, and Lover

  • Nazım Özer

    Nazım Özer

    I am an operations officer. I am 36 years old, married with 1 child. I joined this beautiful family because I love to write.

  • Filiz Özer

    Filiz Özer

    I am web designer. I am 32 years old and I have 6 cats and 2 dogs. I joined the medium family because I love to write.

  • Stacey Daniels

    Stacey Daniels

    It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been.

  • Heidi D. Moore

    Heidi D. Moore

    Inspired by life’s ever changing vibes. Real Estate Paralegal by day. Wife, mom, photographer, writer, creator & whatever else the vibes call for by night.

  • MFA.


    “The thrill I get when my face in yours I see; The Universe loves Itself through Its Twin. That’s why It multiplies” — MFA. I’m a writer. IG: @mfa.phnx #poetry

  • Oborisi nadari

    Oborisi nadari

    Life Coach/ Marriage counselor, Investment Coach. Building broken homes,and saving people from depression and emotional trauma is what gives me happiness.

  • Dr Elizabeth

    Dr Elizabeth

    Medical writer & editor. Love, my family, my labradors & life itself. Passionate writer, photographer. Health blogger. Phd Health Economics.

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