Hahahahahaha. Oh, Pablo you cracked me up 🤣 Wow. I admire you! 40 is no small feat, brother! No wonder your abs is sore! Mine would too if I do 40 sit-ups! I don't do sit-ups actually. I do crunches and leg lifts (working on upper and lower abs) so I really do admire four-zero sit ups! And 12 push-ups! Dang that arms must be sore too right now! Impressive, Pablo!

And yes, I guess living in close proximity with celebrities really do open your eyes to a new perspective. Here in Singapore, majority of the celebrities are very down to earth. I went shopping with my aunt once and she pointed at a lady and said, "That woman is a very respectable famous actress." The actress was just like a normal person with her shopping cart and I love it! I love down to Earth celebrities. My favourite is Keanu Reeves. He still takes public transport and eats at a small restaurant, ALL BY HIMSELF. No bodyguard no flashy clothes, nothing! Absolute star 👌🏻 Ok I need to stop swooning 😂

Bottom line is, yes it's definitely a social construct.

Yes, I agree. Matt Damon is smokin. I just googled his wife and dayum 👌🏻

I love what you said about laughing together and creating new world. That's pretty much what I seek too in friendship! It's amazing when you see past all the outer layers. The inside is so so much more...

To answer your question, I believe that yes, you can be like that Black Panther guy if you do four-zero sit-ups everyday. In how long I can't tell you. But if you eat right and do right, ABSOLUTELY YES, nothing is impossible! 🔥💪🏻 Ok, I just went to my pilates teacher mode. Hahahaha.

Will you be for a chat next Tuesday? Omg this is so exciting!

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