Hello Pablo :)

You know, you’re very evolved when it comes to consciousness. Very humble too, brother. Lots of things to be learned there. I think you might have underestimated your own awakening a bit. Every time I read your words, like the Legoland story I would think to myself, how can I write like that? Your thinking is so evolved it’s so inspiring!

I think you’ve turned into a magnificent butterfly without even realizing it :)

It would be an honor to be considered as talking to you, Pablo. Honestly. You’ve been one of my role models here in Medium :)

And yes, I stand by my words. Truth is truth and that’s truth right there :)

So Singapore has further extended the lockdown for another 4 weeks, way pass my visa expiration date. There’s that. We’re going to appeal for our case. Hopefully the government can see how madly in love we are to each other and allow us to stay together here in the land of merlion. Hahaha. Wish us luck, brother! And thank you so much for being here, for the love and the support! It means the world! :)

Sending you a warm virtual hug back 🤗

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