How to Tone Your Body: Making Every Move Counts

Exercising with awareness.

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Author (June, 2019). How to tone the body? ©Agnes Louis

How do I do it?

I have had the opportunity to observe some of the members of my boxing studio a few times as I waited to be called to the ring for a padding session.

When you’re in a fitness class, your teacher can actually tell when your mind is not in the game.

After you teach for quite some time, you can actually identify the telltale signs when someone’s mind has drifted off to a far far away land.

Same thing applies with toning up our bodies.

There is no shortcut. Unfortunately. However, it is possible to tone up our bodies in less time than it usually takes. It improves our energy consumption and it keeps us motivated.

Insert awareness into the equation.

It sounds easy. Well, it’s anything but. And it takes time until it becomes automatic.

Those are two different things you do when you move and each will give you a different result.

When I move, I make sure I’m aware of each and every muscle I’m using.

Then, you make sure you contract and engage the muscles you need for the movement you’re doing, by PUTTING 100% AWARENESS ON THE MUSCLES YOU NEED TO USE.

For examples, when I’m doing crunches, I am fully aware of my abdominal muscles. I can feel them pulling my upper body off the floor as I contract and engage them. Same goes with push up, for example, I feel my abs muscles tighten, giving me the extra help to push myself back up as the muscles in my arms do their work.

Move efficiently.

Too many times I’ve seen people just moving without awareness of what their muscles are doing. Their bodies might be in the class but their minds are elsewhere.

Results are harder to achieve when you’re not fully THERE.

You’ll also feel more grounded if you’re able to pull yourself back into your body because that’s exactly what it is.

Pulling yourself from the outside into your inside and being fully present in the moment.

You’ll notice the gradual change.

Move with awareness, move efficiently and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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