I think quite a lot of people face the same problem. Especially when the person and his/her parents’ generation gap is too wide. Many of my friends actually have the same problem. The only way, based on my observation is to make it and then show your parents. I think in a way, they are just terrified for their children. They must be scared of how you’ll survive if you don’t have a piece of paper, not really realizing that the world has moved a lot forward.

As for Youtubers and social media influencers, I happen to know a few and I can say, they work like hell. Maybe some of them got lucky and hit the jackpot but most of them are really hardworking. It’s really not very easy to be a social media figure these days. Takes a lot of work. It’s definitely a feasible thing though. I think whatever you choose, you have to really like it and not just doing it for the income. I’ve seen too many people fallen into the rabbit hole and it’s very difficult to climb out :)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, love! I wish you luck in your endeavour and I hope everything turns out well for you! :)

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