I was single for about 4 years before I finally found my boyfriend and during those single years, I was on and off in Tinder. I’ve had good dates, bad dates and not so good not so bad dates. But in the end, I decided enough was enough and I deleted my Tinder app. Voila! I met my boyfriend. In a real life situation.

I know it might sound cheesy but based on my experience, I feel like the Universe will send someone to us when it finally decides that we are ready. Someone was sent to me when I finally stopped looking. Hahaha.

My boyfriend and I, it took us a while to be together actually. It was a slightly winding road but I think it’s definitely worth every second waiting :)

I think being direct is good. You know what you want. It’s a good personality trait that not many people have but I wish more people have. There’s someone out there who’s more than willing to love you for who you truly are :)

Thank you for sharing your thought! :)

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