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Love Is In The Air

My top 10 favourite love stories in Medium.

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I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a while now.

I’m a firm believer of love is the answer.

It doesn’t matter what the question is, I believe that love can solve anything in the world, and each and everyone of us came into this world in the form of pure bundle of love. Unlimited lifetime resource.

We were born pure, not knowing, not having even an ounce of hate in our being.

Love plays a very important role in my life.

I’ve been brought up in a very loving supportive family and I’ve made it a personal mission to pass on the love I’ve been so generously given.

So, here I am, sharing with you my top 10 favourite love stories (both fiction and non-fiction) I’ve read in Medium.

#1 — The Seduction of a Science Fiction Writer by Dan Leicht

Dan Leicht is my all-time favourite fiction love story writer here in Medium.

His stories have everything I look for in a good romance. Plus, the character(s) always has (have) lovely pets. Plus point.

Here’s my favourite:

#2 — 10 Relationship Tricks I Learned from 10 Years with My Husband by Darcy Reeder

I have previously shared this one in my weekly newsletter and I’m going to share it again here.

Yes, it’s that important.

Being a newly married couple, I’ve found these 10 tricks very relatable and useful:

#3 — While the Divorce Rate is Climbing, We Have Trouble Getting Married — by Yours Truly

Not even in my wildest dream I have ever imagined that getting married would be this hard.

No, not the marriage itself. It has its own challenge but I’m talking about the process of becoming husband and wife legally.

A lot of people were getting divorce when my husband and I were trying to tie the knot.

I feared deportation, being separated from my husband, every single day.

The pandemic has definitely taught us a valuable lesson in love and strengthen our bond.

Here’s the story:

#4 — Fall in Love by D Abboh

This lady is one of my favourite poets here in Medium. She has a way with words, weaving letters into beautiful melodies in my head.

Here’s my favourite love poem of hers:

#5 — The Suicide Note That Outed Me by Brian Fehler

Love comes easier for us who don’t have to fight stigma and society.

Brian’s story makes me realize how lucky I am to be able to have a relationship openly, not having to hide. He also made me realize that despite my difficulties in getting married a couple of months ago, there are people out there who have it even harder.

I love love stories that prompt me to think and dig deeper. This story did just that and more:

#6 — Free-Falling Into Self-Love by Tre L. Loadholt

“Love yourself. Love yourself. Everything begins with you loving yourself.” If I get a dollar for every time I read that (I wrote it too), I would have amassed a small fortune now.

I’ve had quite a long not always easy, not always difficult journey with myself. I’ve learned to love myself a little bit more each and everyday in the process.

I find Tre L. Loadholt’s experience in falling into self-love mirrors my own.

It’s been a treat reading her beautifully penned experience:

#7 — Loud and Clear: 7 Ways to Really Listen to the Ones You Love by Martha Manning

I cannot stress enough the importance of communication in a relationship.

If I can only impart one lesson from my own relationship, it is learn how to talk and listen.

My husband and I have great relationship because we can do exactly those. Talk and listen.

This piece outlines many of the things that have helped me maintain a happy healthy relationship and gives me new knowledge that will help me be a better listener for my partner:

#8 — The Goal in Love by Christie Alex Costello, MBA

“When we go seeking someone else, we should find ourselves.” — Christie Alex Costello, MBA

It was a long journey before my husband and I found each other. Through that journey, I’ve learned a lot about love. What it means, what I should be looking for and what I want.

There are so many things I got wrong. So many things I had to relearn.

This article highlights many of the things I wish I had learned earlier. Well, it’s never to late to learn and if you’ve just started out on your journey, here’s something you should know:

#9 — My Dad’s Love Through Whole Chicken by s.n.y

Love comes in many shapes and forms.

People show their love in many different ways.

Some of the methods are outright sweet and easy to interpret. Some, are outright annoying. Both, nevertheless, come from a place of love.

Growing up in a similar cultural setting, I can relate to s.n.y’s story about her father.

Although mine drives me nuts too every now and then, I know how much he loves me, and I’m missing him dearly.

This story opens my eyes to a different way to show love:

#10 — Love’s Way by Wild Flower

There’s something about Wild Flower’s writings that keep me coming back for more.

Perhaps it’s the traveler souls residing in both of us.

Perhaps it’s the words echoing in the chamber of our writers’ heads.

Whichever it is, this one is definitely one of my favourite love poems from the lovely wild flower:

There are many, many kinds of love. I have learned that over the years.

Love means a lot of things.

Although I have learned a lot throughout the 28 years of my life, there are still much much more to learn.

For now, I keep reading.

For now, I keep the love flowing.

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