My dear Ivana,

Thank you so much for your heartfelt response. I’ll be 27 this August! Oh how time flies. I really hope I’m as wise as you give me credit for. I think there is no age when a person is absolutely ready to lose their parent(s) but one can only live with what has been given. If this is the way, then I shall walk it with courage :)

In our Chinese culture, we also believe that the soul retains no memory of the life they have lived. Depending on their karma, the deceased is either reborn again in this world or reborn in the higher realm of the higher beings. I’d like to think that my mother is hanging out with Gods and Goddesses and has become one of them. She has such a beautiful heart :)

She has truly taught me that we are not our body and that this life is very fleeting and temporary and therefore, we should do our best with every breath we have been gifted.

I love what you wrote about body and soul. The thought is very comforting.

Thank you so much for reading and for leaving such a thoughtful lovely comment as always, my dear. I wish you lots of happiness, health and love wherever you are.

Saying hi with love from Ubud ❤

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