My First Newsletter!

A glimpse of my weekly goodies — including useful resources on how to earn money as a writer.

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Hi, guys! I’ve been thinking about my first newsletter for the past few days.

What should I put in my very first one?

There’s just so many things I want to share with you all!

To give you a glimpse of the content of my weekly newsletter, and why it’s a good idea to sign up for it, I’ve decided to post my very first newsletter here.

The format of the content in the newsletter would be different but the content would be exactly the same.

Without further ado, first thing first.

I just got married! Woohoo! After going through all the difficulties my husband and I wouldn’t have had to go through were it not for the pandemic, we finally tied the knot!

Since I’m about to embark on a journey of a lifetime, I would like to share a couple of relationship pieces I have found very useful here in Medium.


These relationship tricks from Darcy Reeder should be read and bookmarked for future reference. I’ve been following it for a while now and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s a great guideline for all of you couples out there.

Jack and Deb’s relationship is one I’m aspiring to. Lovely, light-hearted and sweet. Jack’s Conversation with My Wife series is definitely worth checking out.


Who doesn’t love a good laugh? I have a list of humour writers I’m absolutely a fan of here. This week I’m going to share with you a couple of my favourites:

Roy, the funky skeleton never fails to tickle my funny bones.

Check out Kyrie Gray’s list of business books, rise and dominate with best advices from famous queens in history!


This week I want to highlight two writers whose pieces I find nourishing for my soul.

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg’s Buddhism Day by Day series is one I follow regularly.

This piece from S M Chen fills me with so much peace I bookmarked it for future reference, I just have to share it with you.


We are somewhat adjusting to our new COVID-19 lives but the thing is still here so…

To those of you interested in making your own cool face mask from bandanna, to protect yourself and your loved ones, you should check out Quasimodo’s easy to follow step-by-step mask making process:


It’s been a massive learning curve for us these past few weeks. It’s long overdue but the #BlackLivesMatter has finally gained the attention it deserves. Just like nearly everyone else, I want to learn, to do a little more to make a difference.

This piece from Sherry Kappel has given me useful pointers on how to do my bit in this fight:


Every week, this newsletter will include useful tools for writers. It could be articles on writing tips, on websites where you can earn money from writing or recommended courses for you to further your career as a writer.

This week’s highlight would be Leo Serafico’s piece on “Websites to Write for that Pay Up to $200 Per Article”:

And Alexandria Ducksworth’s “How to Get Someone to Pay You for Your Writing”:


I would like to end my weekly newsletter with this hashtag. This week, I want to shine the spotlight on an 11-year-old boy who has taught me a lesson on doing the right thing:

That’s all for this week’s newsletter! I hope it helps you in some way. I will continue sharing with you every week. The first few sections might change every week but the “Writing” and the “#BeKind” sections will be included every week so stay tune for more awesome content!

If you have already signed up for the newsletter, a big thank you with a massive hug!

I wouldn’t want you to miss the weekly goodies I share every week so if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, you can click here to sign up. See you next week!

Writer by heart. Teacher (English, Yoga, Pilates) by trade. Avid reader. World traveller. Model. You can reach me at

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