My Top 10 Favourite Medium Fiction Stories

Bend reality and venture to the wonderful world of fiction!

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Everyone needs a good piece of fiction these days.

Have you watched the news lately?

A few sentences coming from certain few mouths are enough to send me to Google, searching for the next habitable planet after Earth.

In case you’re wondering and on the same boat. You’re welcome.

Apparently many of us also ask:

Went down the rabbit hole.

Since I cannot afford a seat in in the space trip, *cough* about $81 million *cough*, is anyone interested in building a rocketship with me?

No? Sure?

Okay, well, thank God there’s a much much cheaper alternative to escape stupidity and for a moment, forget that the world is burning.

Can’t go to Mars? No problem!

We can embark on a journey to the wonderful world of fiction instead!

It costs nearly nothing, it takes you away from all the problems currently plaguing our world and it restores all your sanity (you can go the opposite way too but hey, mad world ain’t a bad world so either way, win-win!)

Without further ado, here are my top 10 favourite fiction Medium stories:

#1 — The Ghost Poet by Matthew Donnellon

Do not read this if you’re a scaredy cat. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I love a good scare and Matthew never fails to serve scary stories exactly the way I like it.

I have a few favourites but this one is my current favourite:

#2— Henry James Series by P.G. Barnett

If you haven’t followed the Dark Sides of the Truth, you’re missing out BIG TIME.

Having a taste for good detective stories, stumbling upon P.G. Barnett’s Henry James series has been a real blessing.

You can start here:

A word of warning: it’s addictive.

#3— The Transcendence of Professor Nels Wimby by Don Feazelle

This is just one of many stories by Don I really love. It was hard to pick favourites (I love the story about the asylum too) but if I have to pick one for you to start, this one would be it:

#4 — Enter a Nameless Character. Later, Enter Another. by Jack Herlocker

I am a huuuuuuge fan of Jack’s Conversation with My Wife series. Now that I’m married, I need to read it even more for wisdom nuggets. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, go treat yourself.

Jack recently published a piece of good fiction I really love. I find it very amusing so I decide to include it in this list. Here:

#5 — Good Grief by Jimmy Doom

Do you know how hard it is to tell a story with only so much words allowed?

Jimmy seems to have mastered the art of microfiction.

He shows me that stories can captivate with only so many words.

A true art by a true maestro.

My current favourite from Jimmy:

#6 — The Lady of Spring by Christy Kimmerly

If you love a good fantasy, a fairytale to enchant you, Christy’s stories are just what you’re looking for.

Beautifully quilled, the stories bring you to a whole different world inhabited by beautiful creatures.

My favourite:

#7 — The Alaskan Triangle by JC Cullum

I’m still waiting with hope for this awesome author to come back with the continuation of this story.

One of P.G. Barnett’s good friends, the two are among my favourite fiction writers here in Medium. JC is currently on hiatus but do give the story a read and help me convince him to come back:

#8 — A Tinder Declaration by Stephen M. Tomic

I’ve stumbled upon Stephen’s works during my first few months in Medium. His stories have a quality that always leaves me wishing I could think and write stories like him.

A couple of years later and I still feel the same.

Here’s my favourite:

#9 — Can I Tell You A Secret? by David Farr

This man’s stories have made me laughed, thought and shuddered. I think that’s enough said.

Here’s my latest favourite:

Mind blown.

#10 — The Reign by Yours Truly

This last one is from none other than yours truly.

I’ve written this piece during my early Medium days and it was one of the first few pieces of mine that got a lot of eyeballs.

I still think the two characters in the story are very dangerous. Watching the news, the story is even more relevant these days.

After all this time, this one is still definitely one of my favourites:

That’s my top 10 favourite fiction pieces here in Medium!

To all of you I’ve mentioned in this piece, thank you so much for giving me that space to escape and take a huge gulp of air!

There are so much more great fiction here in Medium and judging from my goldfish memory, I’ve probably forgotten some of my other favourites. Sorry if I did!

I’m going to do another piece on fiction but focusing only on love stories so stay tune!

Have you read any fiction that has left a lasting impression in your mind? Do share in the comment box!

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