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Pretty sure this is my first listicle in Medium…

First of all, thank you Michelle Monet for tagging me on this prompt. This would be my second writing that is inspired by you (the first one is yet to be published).

When I began to think about the things I want to put in this list, a thought popped up in my mind.

Who do you think you are?

I couldn’t help but wonder. Do these people even want to know the top 40 things I love? I’m not a famous person or anything.

But then I thought, what’s the main reason I want to share this list?

It really helps put things into perspective.

These are the 40 things I love. The 40 things that teach me how to improve myself and be a better person daily. The 40 things that give me happiness and peace in life.

I might be a nobody but I’m going to share it with you, hoping that maybe one day it will be useful to you. Maybe one day, when you’re sad or bored, you can try doing one of the things I love and hopefully, it can bring you happiness and peace too.

So without further ado, here are the 40 things I love the most:

  1. My family. Obviously like any other family, they don’t always give me peace. But they sure do give me a lot of happiness.
  2. My boyfriend. Like my family, this guy too, drives me crazy at times (sometimes crazy in love, sometimes just the old plain definition of crazy). But the sheer joy of being with this wonderful man is simply beyond words.
  3. My best friends. I won’t name names because there’s quite a number of them and because I’m a goldfish, I will just forget someone (which is not good). To my favourite crazy amazing bunch out there who got my back regardless of what I do. You know who you are.
  4. You. Yes you! I love all of you people out there. Those I’m just getting to know and those I have yet to get to know. All strangers are amazingly wonderful until proven otherwise.
  5. Books. Reading, libraries, bookshops. Anything that involves books. If you lend or give me books, I will love you forever.
  6. Writing. Naturally. Otherwise I won’t be here.
  7. Coffee. Not human until the first cup of coffee in the morning.
  8. Tea. Bedtime reading’s best friend. My best friend.
  9. Yoga. It’s pretty cool to be able to do headstand as well as hanging and bending on a piece of rope. And of course, the peace of mind too.
  10. Pilates. First you take control of your body. Then you take control of your life.
  11. Traveling. Experiencing new culture and making new friends. What’s not to like?
  12. Cooking. My recently new found hobby. Who would have thought I can actually make a decent meal without burning the house down?
  13. Chocolate. The more bitter (Bitterest? Is this a word?), the better.
  14. Food. I’m not a picky eater. Hence.
  15. Feeding people. I just bloody love cooking for other people. One of my all time favourite question: are you hungry?
  16. Red lipstick. I don’t wear them that much but when I do… Damn those lips can pop!
  17. Walking. Never fails to clear my head.
  18. Nature. My best ally as a writer. Endless source of inspiration!
  19. Popcorn. Pretty much tried a lot of different flavours over the years. Had a kimchi flavoured one once. What’s the weirdest popcorn flavour you’ve ever tried?
  20. Little humans. Children can be nuisance sometimes but they are pretty cute most of the time.
  21. Dog. Where’s my fellow dog-person?
  22. Photography. Just love snapping pictures, capturing beauty and different emotions.
  23. Experimenting with my body. Get your head out of the gutter, people! I meant experimenting with different kinds of healthy diets on my own body. I’ve tried pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan and clean eating so far. Pop me a message if you have questions about this. I’d love to share!
  24. Tattoo. I don’t have a lot. Four little ones on my arms. All of them are meaningful for me. Thinking about rewarding myself with another one with my next achievement. Hmmm…
  25. Cuddles. I am a sucker for this one.
  26. Hugs. I absolutely LOVE cuddles so naturally, hugs is another item on the list. Anyone wants a hug?
  27. Meditation. I don’t necessarily do this everyday. There are days when I miss it but boy the effect of even ONE short meditation (5–10 minutes)… It’s the one thing that keeps me from turning into Hulk sometimes.
  28. Horror movies. I grow up listening to ghost stories and out-of-this-world Chinese myths. To see it on the screen, even though it scares the crap out of me sometimes… It’s pretty awesome.
  29. Extreme sports. I am one proud adrenaline junkie. I love extreme sports like bungee jumping for example (do you call this sport?). So far, I’ve done bungee jumping and paragliding. Next one on the list? SKYDIVING.
  30. Amusement parks. One of my dreams that still have yet to come true is to visit Disneyland. Yes, I love horror movies AND Disneyland. I’m one weird potato.
  31. Speed. Cars and motorcycles. The fastest record I’ve had so far 220km/hour on a motorcycle. German Autobahn, you are amazing. Note: I will NEVER do this with someone I don’t trust. First I make sure the person I ride with knows what he/she is doing, THEN I hop on the vehicle.
  32. Grocery shopping. Again, weird potato.
  33. Arts and Crafts. Is it just me or all writers enjoy drawing and creating artsy stuff too?
  34. Baileys. I am not a big fan of alcohol. In fact, I used to be allergic to it. Baileys would be the only type of alcohol I actually found myself enjoying.
  35. Experimenting with food. For some reason, I get overly curious when it comes to food. I’ve tried a piece of toast with Nutella, peanut butter and blueberry jam (all mixed) on top, once. Yep. Nope.
  36. Sport bra. I really think that every woman should just switch to sport bra. It feels like heaven!
  37. MEDIUM! I am ever so grateful for finding this platform! I have been so blessed to have been able to just write and vent and to meet (virtually) so many beautiful souls here!
  38. Music. What is life without a little tune?
  39. Sunflower. My absolute favourite flower. I’m rewarding myself a sunflower tattoo on my next achievement.
  40. Laughing. It seems like I can always find humour in everything and if you’re a funny person, chances are, I like you already!

These, would be the top 40 things I love. Some are terribly cliche and simple (most of them are, actually) but what to do? I tend to find myself loving nearly every little thing and every little thing seems to make me happy!

Most of the time, I’m simply happy for no reason!

What about you? What are the top 40 things you love?

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Writer by heart. Teacher (English, Yoga, Pilates) by trade. Avid reader. World traveller. Model. You can reach me at

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