Oh, Sherry, I feel like I heard my mom’s voice as I read your response. It’s so true. I think at some points in life, I’ve put my mom on a pedestal, just because it always seems like she always had everything held together, you know. So many moments after she’s gone I asked myself, how the heck did she do everything all this time? It’s definitely not an exaggeration when people say mothers are superwoman. They really are.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read and for your kind words, love. The last sentence in your response is what made you so much like my mom. She actually said those words to me repeatedly in her lifetime. She said, “Whatever you do, make sure you’re happy doing it. You have 100% of my support.” True to her words, she was always there for me.

Thank you for bringing her words back to life, Sherry ❤

Writer by heart. Teacher (English, Yoga, Pilates) by trade. Avid reader. World traveller. Model. You can reach me at agneslouis3108@gmail.com.

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