Omg what a mess! I hope they fix it soon!

Yes they just opened a new museum the other day. I heard that they’re going to start charging for the entrance fee. Kinda sad. I visited the old museum. It was free and I learned so much from my trip. Doha is definitely a fascinating place to visit. If you’re ever going in the future, drop me a message! I probably won’t be there but I can recommend you to some nice places and maybe introduce you to some people as well. My email is

Wow. That’s such a fascinating story! Your dad is a survivor! My grandma used to tell me all sort of stories about the Japanese as well. They invaded my hometown and my grandma had to witness all sort of atrocities. Maybe you can write about your dad’s amazing story about courage someday? Would be very inspiring :)

It’s true. Kinda sad that war is still here…

You’re most welcome, Caroline! It’s always a pleasure :)

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