Recommended Reading and Videos for Those of You Who Are Anxious

You’re more scared of what you don’t know.

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it was the ‘not knowing’ and the uncertainty of the whole situation that scared me most.

What is coronavirus?

How does the virus spread?

What are the symptoms and how does it affect our bodies?

How can we protect ourselves?

Wash/sanitize your hands regularly.

Avoid touching your face.

Keep your distance from other people.

Avoid touching things with your hands in public places.

Why do we need to stay at home?

It’s not only to protect ourselves.

It’s to protect our loved ones and other people too.

“Stop fucking about and stay at home.”

How do we sanitize our houses?

When is this going to end?

what we want can only happen if we do our part.

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Think of our brothers and sisters fighting in the front line.

We can make a difference by staying at home.



If we do our part and do it right, it will all end well.

Let’s help the world heal.

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