Recommended Reading and Videos for Those of You Who Are Anxious

You’re more scared of what you don’t know.

I remember the first couple of weeks when Coronavirus hit Singapore.

The fear and the anxiety.

Face-masks, hand sanitizer and thermometer sold out in a matter of days.

Every pharmacy has a list of sold out items stuck to their door. And it’s always the same. Face-masks, hand sanitizer, thermometer.

And while we all lived in anxiety of the new unknown, we slowly made the necessary adjustment to our lives to prevent further spread.

Looking back, I can see that as much as the virus and the government restrictions scared me,

it was the ‘not knowing’ and the uncertainty of the whole situation that scared me most.

So many people telling me so many different things all at once. One person would say it’s nothing and the other would tell me the complete opposite.

Who should I listen to?

When I finally realized what terrified me is the not knowing part and the uncertainty of the whole situation, I sprung into action.

I booted up my laptop and started researching.

The first confirmed coronavirus case in Singapore had been on the 23rd of January 2020. Since then, I have accumulated some information about the virus.

Every question about the virus that has so far crossed my mind, I go on the Internet and read about it.

To those of you who are currently on the early days of panicking trying to figure out what the virus is all about, I hope these sources I’m sharing will help you ease your mind and inform you on what to do to prevent infection.

What is coronavirus?

To answer this question, I have found this one video particularly helpful and easy to understand:

This one piece in Medium is very informative as well:

I also have a ‘Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus’ in PDF format. As I don’t know how to attach it here, please e-mail me at if you need it for your child. It’s been designed especially for children (simple with lots of pictures). Not only it informs children what the virus is, it also tells them how to protect themselves from the virus and how to deal with feelings and emotions about the virus.

How does the virus spread?

Here’s a helpful video:

You can also find a list of EPA approved cleaners for coronavirus in the description below the video.

What are the symptoms and how does it affect our bodies?

The symptoms:

You just need to watch until 1:52 for the symptoms information if you don’t have the time.

And this is how the virus affects your body:

How can we protect ourselves?

  • The most important would be the basic prevention actions:

Wash/sanitize your hands regularly.

Avoid touching your face.

Keep your distance from other people.

Avoid touching things with your hands in public places.

Repeat these mantra 10000000000x until it becomes your life motto.

Listen to this video from Singapore’s Minister of Health, Gan Kim Yong:

  • Your immune system is now your superhero:

Here’s a great article from Dr. Christine Bradstreet 🌴on how to improve your immune system:

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Make sure you keep an eye out:

A few tips for people over 60:

Why do we need to stay at home?

It’s not only to protect ourselves.

It’s to protect our loved ones and other people too.

Though it mostly affects the older people and people with lower immune system, those with higher immune system might be carrying the virus around, infecting others unknowingly. You might not realize it but you might be either carrying it out to the streets or bringing it home to your loved ones.

And if you think you’re safe because you’re young, as many articles have led us to believe, think again. Because you are as susceptible as all the other age range:

And here, read this article about the lady who feels terrible because she fears she might have spread the virus unknowingly, resulting in one of her friends having to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (the friend is recovering now):

Sure you can live with yourself when you know damn well that you could have done something good for your loved ones by staying at home and you didn’t do it?

As Sarah Ashley aptly put it:

“Stop fucking about and stay at home.”

How do we sanitize our houses?

Here’s a guideline from the government of Singapore that I find helpful regarding how to sanitize your house if you suspect that it has been exposed to coronavirus:

And here’s the latest piece in one of Medium’s publication:

When is this going to end?

We all want it ends as soon as possible. We all want our old lives back, whatever that means. We want to take back control.

Hundreds of scientists are doing their best to create a vaccine:

As hard as they work, when they’re already stretching themselves thin,

what we want can only happen if we do our part.

Think of our brothers and sisters fighting in the front line.

We can make a difference by staying at home.



If we do our part and do it right, it will all end well.

I will end this piece with good news to allay your anxiety.

First of all, a hopeful post from our friend Michelle Monet:

And in case you’re wondering:

Also a video of kindness from around the world to warm your hearts:

Let us all do our parts in this, people.

Let’s help the world heal.

Writer by heart. Teacher (English, Yoga, Pilates) by trade. Avid reader. World traveller. Model. You can reach me at

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