She was born a ball of fire.
Stronger than steel, brighter than the sun.

She was born a star.
She burns, sets the sky ablaze.

She guides you in your dreams,
whispers words of wisdom in your ears.

She holds your hands,
seizes you from your deepest fear.

Within her arms, lies solace.

She is me.
She is you.

She is the North Star,
guiding us home,
back to her warm embrace.

Welcome her.
Take her hand.
Let her walk you.

Through hell — through the darkest bottomless pit of your soul.

She was born sunshine.
She was born moonlight.

With kindness that lights up the sky,
and a warm heart that heals your soul.

She was born an ocean,
an endless waves of love.

Let her touch the core of your soul.

You will be good again.
You will be whole again.

Let her in.

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