The #1 Thing That Gets Me Through Difficult Days

My coping mechanism in trying times.

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I remember the fear.

The beautiful woman lying with her eyes closed so peacefully inside the casket had been my rock, my safe haven for years. The first person I ran to when I need advice or just someone to talk to. She was not just my mother, she was my best friend and my confidante, someone I can talk to freely about absolutely anything and everything under the sun.

The pulsating anxiety for the uncertainty of tomorrow, sorrow for the thousands of lives lost.

Many of us are now living in fear of an enemy we cannot see with our naked eyes.


In times when our survival highly depends on our immune system, it is important to make sure we get our daily dose of laughter.

To make sure we all stay healthy in times of isolation, I have put together a list of my favourite Medium humour writers and their one piece that cracks me up and makes my day. Hopefully they brighten your day like they have brighten mine:

Who’s your favourite Medium funny personalities?

Let’s share in the comment below. We can all use a good laugh these days…

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