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An index for a better navigation.

Mapping my world ❤ Photo by oxana v on Unsplash

I have been wanting to do this since the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912) (I am the Queen of Hyperbole). Then the dynasty ended and Titanic sank. The Queen of Procrastinator reigns from her throne inside my head. CHAOS.

I managed to lull the Queen into a deep sleep (sleeping pills in her tea) and now here I am, sitting with my laptop, ready to draw you a map of my little world :)

So without further ado, here’s an index of my pieces:

7 Days Series

7 Days — Prologue

Day 1 — The Door Opened and I Saw Pain

Day 2 — I Live in You

Day 3 — They Will Talk

Day 4 — The Jade Porcelain Urn

Day 5 — Why Do We Cry?

Day 6 — Regret is Poison

Day 7 — Tomorrow Is Not Ours


Detachment, A Path to Happiness

Living with Mortality

The Little Things, My Lifelines

It Hits You When It Hits You

What Is Better Life?

My First Volcano Eruption

Time Waits For No One

Feelings on Tiny Papers

I Love My Hardships

They Are In The Little Things

Nothing Wrong in Doing Nothing

The Song of Nature

The Road Not Taken

A Visit from Death

What Is Left When We Leave

We Fall

It’s Worth It

Life Is Sending You Signs

We Don’t Have To Say Goodbye

The Gift of Falling

A Fresh Perspective

The Grocery Bags

Do You Want To Live Forever?

Happy Mother’s Day

A Reason To Live

I Don’t Bite


Top 3 Tips in Choosing A Good Name For Your Child

How To Father A Daughter

The 3 Qualities I Look For in A Man

A Tale of Weaknesses

Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Woman On Her Period


Happiness: It’s A State of Being

To Be Happy for No Reason


It’s OKAY Not To Love Your Family


Mother’s Kind

The Best Way To Love

Love: Is It Measureable?

The Sun-Like Love

The Christmas Question

Self Improvement

I Won from Being Kind

Own Your Mistake

Don’t Get Used To It

A Quieter Place

The Place Where I Lost Myself

The Right to be A Jerk

I’m Learning How to Talk

Are You Sitting on Fire?

Let’s Help the Nice People

I Embarrassed Myself

Who Are You When You’re Under Pressure?

A Conversation With A Best Friend

I Have A Lot To Learn. I Know.

My Dearest Aggy

Getting Through The Difficult Part

You’re Not As Weird As You Think You Are

The Blooming

Not So Fast!

The Art of Falling


We Are The Writers

The Why Of Writing

Write It Down, Let It Be

Take A Day Off

The Tip of Your Fingers

A Piece of Me

The Sad Pieces

The Difficult Topic


Parents Are Humans Too!

From the Other Side

The One Thing We Should Teach Our Children

Demolishing Gender Role in Parenting

Age Does NOT Guarantee Wisdom


Let Me Fail


When The Body Moves

I Am

Let It

Put Me To Sleep

Fire Flowers


Oh Darling, Think Twice

And Then There Are Those Days

Let Me Go

Don’t Leave Me

Are You There?

Can You Hear Me?

I Don’t Want To Sleep

To You

She Lives

The White White World

Those Words

My Words Are Borne

In Silence

Dear Mother


When We Touched

The Song

Let Me Cry

The Unforgettables

That Place

The Children of The Island




I’m Sorry


The Girl With A Smile


The Search

Silent Scream

Deep Dive

A Birthday Kiss


Short Stories

The Reign

The Monster

A Better World

I Was Not Allowed To Cry

Dear Nurse

The ‘No-Phone’ Rule

What is Wrong with the F Word?


You’re More Than Claps

If You Only Knew What You’ve Done

Medium: Different People, Similar Stories, One Big Family

My February Medium Earning

The Medium Partner Program Apocalyptic Prophecy

The Abyss, The Big Black Hole

This little map will take some time to complete so stay tune for regular updates and thank you for visiting!❤

Writer by heart. Teacher (English, Yoga, Pilates) by trade. Avid reader. World traveller. Model. You can reach me at

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