There is a story behind that but it’s not long enough to warrant a story on Medium. Hahaha. It’s just that the government at the time was still processing my parents’ marriage certificate at the time I was born. They’re well known to have been super slow and it’s a very long paperwork process. Thus, I bear no last name. My birth certificate stated I’m the daughter of my mother only and then later on, at the back of it, in a small piece of paper, it says that I’m also the daughter of my father.

Thats the whole story. And to this day, I still experience what happened years and years ago!

Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful response, Jack! I know Jack is just one of your pen names but my dad’s name is Jack too!

Writer by heart. Teacher (English, Yoga, Pilates) by trade. Avid reader. World traveller. Model. You can reach me at

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