Who’s My Favourite Writer in Medium?

A cheeky question from a cheeky friend.

Today marks one week of my October Writing Challenge.

I have to say, I’m getting a good response from many of you, and I’m so glad to have a few good questions sitting in my inbox waiting to be answered! To those of you who e-mailed me your burning questions, thank you! I will answer your questions one at a time in the upcoming days.

The question I will be answering today is — who is your favourite Medium writer?

Talk about tough question. Thank you, Matthew 😄

Before I proceed, a couple of things:

  1. It is impossible, physically and mentally, to choose one favourite Medium writer.
  2. If I list all my favourite writer, this wouldn’t be a post. It would be a mini book.

I’m glad we’ve got that sorted out.

Instead of doing the impossible thing listed in point #1, I’m going to share with you my favourite writers in my favourite genres/topics/categories. And as per point #2, this list is the tip of my favourite Medium writers iceberg.

Fiction (Mystery and Thriller)

I am a sucker for fiction.

With the world burning and going mad with each passing day, I need a good place to escape.

Mystery and thriller it is.

My favourites for these genres:

  • Matthew Donnellon’s stories have sent chill up my spine, made me run to my bedroom from my living room after I turned off the light (like my life depended on it) and showered in my bathtub with the curtain up (resulting in a mini flood on my bathroom floor).
  • P.G. Barnett, whose character Henry I have followed since the very first day. By the time PG’s character Sunny came along, I was hooked. Mystery, supernatural, humour, and sarcastic characters all in one? SOLD.
  • Don Feazelle, another accomplished writer of mystery/supernatural. I have quite often found myself ended in an unexpected place as I read the last word of Don’s stories. Delightful.


The ultimate mystery. One we all seek to crack and understand.

This topic encompasses a wide range of subtopics. My favourite writers when it comes to the topic of life:


Of course. Who are we without love? (I see Shakespeare shaking his head in the other realm).

For this topic, my go-to Medium writers are:

  • Jack Herlocker, whose ‘Conversation with My Wife’ series has greatly inspired me and taught me valuable lessons on relationship.
  • Dan Leicht, the master of sweet but not cheesy love fiction. There’s just something about Dan’s love stories. I keep going back for more.


As a person who enjoys taking pictures of beautiful things and sceneries, I am also a big fan of pictures collection.

My favourite writers for this category:

  • Dennett’s photo piece has been the first photo piece I stumbled upon here. Her photo piece introduced me to the joy of photo collection and prompted me to create my own. Her publication Weeds & Wildflower houses beautiful photography pieces.
  • Erik Smith always stuns with the simplicity and clarity of his images. The lovely stories behind the beautiful pictures are icing on the cake (Hi Erik, I have a feeling like you’re gonna say something about the cake…).
  • Erika Burkhalter and her incredible pictures of nature, both macro and micro, continue to amaze, every single time.


It is a sin not to include the poets, those who reach to the depth of their souls and sing the words for the world.

My favourite Medium poets:

  • Nuno Ricardo’s poems on love, life, and heartbreak are not to be missed.
  • R Tsambounieri Talarantas beautifully weave a story, a narrative of a rich culture and humanity.
  • D Abboh’s poems make you dig a little deeper, see a little further. Love, life, social injustice, everything you need to know, painted with words.
  • Pablo Pereyra’s poems prompt essential life questions, express human emotions and ponder life and existentialism.

As poems are not my strong suit, I would sometimes feel envious of these love poets’ words. It’s out of this world. When you read them, you’ll understand what I mean.


I have quite a quirky sense of humour. Cheesy, childish, sarcastic, crazy and dark, all rolled into one.

I just love to laugh.

My favourite Medium humour writers:

  • Kyrie Gray — I follow this funny lady’s work and subscribe to her newsletter because good Lord, she’s funny. She spins old fairytales, classics literature and modern social issues into a hilarious — sarcastic at times — humour pieces. Just my cup of tea.
  • Roy will be the funniest skeleton you’ll ever met in your life. His skeleton comic strips is absolutely the best 👌🏻 (I just have to use this emoji to make my point).


I am not yet a parent. But it’s never too early to learn. Also, I lost my mother and have 2 younger brothers, one of which is a teenager. Although I’m not parenting them and don’t have to, I need to learn how to be a good older female figure in their lives now that my mother is gone.

These 2 ladies have taught me a lot:

  • Darcy Reeder writes about life, love and parenting (all of which are valuable lessons for me). She discusses a number of important parenting topics that I have yet to see discussed anywhere else.
  • Beth Bruno, who’s an estranged mother, has taught me a lot about motherhood and what it means to love a child.

True Crime and History

I love true crime and history. I listen to true crime and history Youtube videos when I do my chores and when I’m walking around town running errands.

  • For true crime, Nicole Henley is absolutely my favourite. I have read nearly all her true crime stories. She also writes about history and bizarre occurrences throughout the history — more treats.
  • Erik Brown’s historical articles are my weekly dose of history lessons. I’ve learned a good deal about history from Erik these past couple of years.

That’s the list of my current favourite Medium writers.

There are many more. I have a list of writers whose work I follow regularly. For now, I stop here.

Another question answered for the day!

This post is a part of my October’s writing challenge:

If you have a burning question(s) you think I can answer (it can be about anything), feel free to pop the question(s) in the comment section below or e-mail me the question(s) at

Thank you for reading and being a part of my journey!

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