Wow. You just answered one of the most burning questions I have.

First of all, thank you so much for mentioning me in your writing! It means the world, Florian :)

I am at the moment in the crossroads where I’m thinking, “Should I go study writing some more?” I think the Universe just answered through your article :)

I actually have a Bachelor degree in English Language and Linguistics and literature was one of the modules I had to take. Another interesting thing, I had to analyze the use of word f*ck in one of the classes once. It was so awesome to see my lecturer said f*ck every few seconds. Hahahahaha.

But having said that, I think what helps me the most in my writing career — I’m far from being a great one but I’m learning :) — is reading. I found my voice and my style from reading so many books. Goodreads has tracked my reading history and at the moment, I’ve read a little more than 500 books. It has taught me so much not only knowledge but also writing.

Thank you so much, Florian. You’re truly godsend in my time of need. Thank you for answering the question I have in my mind, even if you didn’t realize it when you were writing this piece. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! :)

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